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Extra, Extra! Get your CASH CAB on iTunes!


Great news for all the CASH CAB lovers out there – the latest season of CASH CAB featuring Adam Growe is now available on iTunes. The 13 newest shows were added this week to the iTunes Store catalogue of CASH CAB. Now you can watch your favourite episodes, any day, any time. We know you LOVE the show – enough to watch the seemingly endless reruns JUST to catch another glimpse of your star (or epic-FAIL) performance. Perhaps you’re an avid trivia fan… or maybe you can’t get enough of that handsome, charming (and hilarious) Adam Growe. Now you don’t have to wait in front of your TV. And there’s more on the way – CASH CAB Vancouver & even more past seasons are coming to iTunes later in the year.

I HATE MY TATTOO makes its mark on SLICE


THINK BEFORE YOU INK – A quarter of North Americans take no heed to this common, often ignored, warning. We’ve sampled these stories in a new show coming to SLICE. Almost everyone with a tattoo carries at least 1 blunder on their body, with the same desperate cry: I HATE MY TATTOO! In our latest production, we hear 3 tattoo regrets in need of a cover-up. We’ve called in some of the world’s best tattoo artists to take on the daunting task of not only designing a new a work of art, but making sure the client’s awful mistake is a thing of the past. The stakes are high, and failure is not an option. Between the buzz of the tattoo machine and the emotional, physical pain our candidates endure, tension mounts as the artists, clients (and audience), wait in anticipation over the jaw-dropping reveals.


MANUFACTURED Magic….in slo-mo with music


Our amazing DOP Duraid Munajim has curated 3 stunning video montage segments from images he filmed for Discovery Channel series MANUFACTURED. The electronic music is composed & produced by Toronto producer Burnykun whose music can be found on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/burnykun






In case you missed the world premiere of METAL MASTERS, History Canada will re-air the pilot in June. In the episode, Robb & Ryan are presented with a unique challenge – to make a perfectly smooth & straight blade for Canada’s only female sword swallower. One mistake means a whole lot of blood and guts, not to mention – it’s bad for business. METAL MASTERS airs Tuesday, June 10th @ 10:30pm/ET, 7:30pm/PT before PAWN STARS.

(METAL MASTERS – 10:30pm/ET Tuesday, June 10th on HISTORY)



It’s Fire, it’s Steel, it’s Primal. It’s METAL MASTERS, and it’s coming this May to HISTORY. Castlewood Productions announces its latest show METAL MASTERS featuring the amazing creations from master blacksmith Robb Martin and his right hand man Ryan Leis. METAL MASTERS airs WEDNESDAY MAY 14th @10pm ET following an all new episode of SWAMP PEOPLE. METAL MASTERS – with one hammer in the past and one firmly pounding in the future – they turn raw steel into kick-ass armour & weapons – true masterpieces of metal.

(METAL MASTERS – 10PM ET Wednesday May 14th on HISTORY)