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Congratulations to Castlewood Productions alumnist James Vandewater for being nominated for two 2016 Canadian Screen Awards, both for the feature film SLEEPING GIANT. The film was a hit at Cannes 2015, then at TIFF.40, and now is up for a handful of Canadian Screen Awards. It is nominated for Best Motion Picture (for which James is named as a Producer), for Best Editor (James Vandewater), and for Best Director (Andrew Cividino). The film was also recently featured by the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as part of their ‘CANADA’S TOP TEN FILM FESTIVAL’ this January and will be playing in major cities across Canada until May 2016. The annual awards show celebrating the best in film, television, and digital media will be broadcast Sunday March 13, 2016 on CBC Television.



More kudos for Castlewood’s James Vandewater. The multi-talented Producer/Director/Editor was all smiles at the North American premier of his film SLEEPING GIANT at the Winter Garden Theatre in downtown Toronto Wednesday night, September 15th. The screening at the 40th annual Toronto International Film Festival was greeted with multiple standing ovations as the sold out venue was unanimous in its endorsement of the touching coming of age film. Written and directed by James’ pal Andrew Cividino, the film was shot in only 20 days almost entirely in northern Ontario along on the banks of rugged Lake Superior. Seville International is distributing the film so look for the film in cinemas around the world in the coming months.



13 ‘All New’ episodes of CASH CAB are set to roll out beginning Saturday July 4th at 7pm & 7:30pm ET on Discovery. The show, now in its 8th season on Discovery Channel Canada, is a production of Castlewood Productions Inc. “Eight seasons is a great achievement in this business,” says Executive Producer Andrew Burnstein. “Cash Cab is a smart, fun, and entertaining show hosted by a great talent in Adam Growe. Each season the show gets better, with new twists, and clever in-game turns, so we hope viewers will enjoy these latest episodes.” The first two new episodes will air back-to-back at 7pm & 7:30pm on July 4th, with the remaining new episodes following on consecutive Saturday evenings beginning July 18th. Follow along on Twitter & Facebook to keep up to date on the latest Cash Cab news.