About the Show

In the new world of advertising the ‘Mad Men’ have become the ‘Math Men’ – a seismic shift that dramatically impacts the private lives of every consumer – literally every person on earth.

Advertising – what was quaint is now quantifiable. What was once best guesses and creative leaps, is now precise, targeted surveillance and ‘Big Data’, rooted in hard science, complicated math, and high technology. The data is often very personal information used to design advertising specifically tailored to influence you at the precise moment you are most ready to spend.

Depending on your personal view, this could either be the height of convenience … or the end of a private, respectful society. From Madison Avenue to Silicon Valley, from Toronto, Boston, and San Francisco, by way of Cannes, we discovery that no matter where you happen to be, or who you happen to be….YOU’RE SOAKING IN IT…


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