(TORONTO – December 21, 2022) Castlewood Productions’ YouTube channel Brandmade.TV  reached a staggering milestone in December 2022 by hitting over 2-million hours of watch time. That’s 120-million minutes of premium content views since’s rollout in late 2016. Castlewood president and creator Andrew Burnstein said he is thrilled at the success, “YouTube has proven to be the best platform for us to showcase our unique content. I really couldn’t have expected any better, and I’m pumped going into 2023 with huge momentum.” With YouTube Shorts being monetized in early 2023, Burnstein said his team is about to launch a whole series of new videos. The world of ‘manufacturing media’, as Burnstein calls it, is in its infancy, and he says that Castlewood’s is perfectly positioned within that landscape.  The YouTube channel is linked to an expanded website that offers viewers, shoppers, and fans an opportunity to purchase the products seen in the amazing videos.