About the Show

Metal Masters Robb Martin and Ryan Leis are craftsmen in one of the oldest professions on earth – blacksmiths working at a traditional coal forge.

In the pilot episode, Robb & Ryan, are presented with a unique challenge – to make a perfectly smooth & straight blade for Canada’s only female sword swallower. One mistake means a whole lot of blood and guts, not to mention – it’s bad for business.

Combining ancient techniques with modern technology, there’s NOTHING Robb, Ryan, and their team can’t build. As part of their daily business they make everything from range hoods to railings. But where their true passion lies is in creating kick ass armour, weaponry, and custom sculpture inspired by the past, present, and future. The show follows Robb and Ryan, and their team at Thak Ironworks as they build amazing projects brought to them by a wide variety of clients. From conception to creation we track the entire creative, sweaty, and backbreaking process.

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