About the Show

I Hate My Tattoo tracks the stories of three people with a tattoo they HATE and want covered up. Two artists are challenged to draw out the emotional core of why each person hates their tattoo and draws a design they feel would be a fitting replacement. The consultations lead to the reveal of two very different tattoo designs from which the participant must choose. It’s a huge decision because there can be no regrets this time round!

It’s estimated that more than 25% of North American adults are tattooed. Virtually all of them have one they regret. The stories of the hated tattoos can be funny and poignant, cringe-worthy and cry-worthy. But every bad ink story has one common cry – “I Hate My Tattoo!!!”

Beyond the lame mistake, these awful tattoos are a constant reminder of the person they once were – and in some cases, a radical departure from who they are now. Whether the ink was a result of a well meaning memento or a drunken mistake, the ink hangover is permanent… at least until the cover up. Some of the world’s best artists are asked to design a new tattoo that will cover and conceal the original.

For the tattooist, the stakes are never higher – these people have been badly disappointed once before! As the tattoo machine buzzes, and the reveal approaches, the pressure and pain are real and palpable. After hours (and possibly days in the chair), nerves are frayed and the air is thick with tension. Artist and client (and viewer) anticipate the moment the new tattoo is revealed. Will there be tears of joy or tears of sadness?