About the Show

CASH CAB MUSIC – (Jan. 8, 2024) Unassuming people enter the ‘Cash Cab’ as simple passengers taking a normal taxi ride, only to be shocked when they discover that they’re instant contestants on a television game show – CASH CAB MUSIC on GameTV and AXS TV.  

Host and licensed taxi driver Adam Growe then explains the rules and asks if the passengers want to play. They then buckle up and become contestants in a music trivia game show on wheels.

The rules are simple: The Cash Cab drives contestants to their destination while Adam asks questions with a music theme. The first questions are worth $50 for each correct answer. The next group is worth $100 and the final handful of questions are worth $200. A correct answer is awarded the cash. An incorrect answer results in a strike. And just like baseball, three strikes and the contestants are out, literally, out on the sidewalk, no matter where they are.  Adam will safely pull the taxi to the curb and ask the contestants to exit.

There’s help though – If the contestants get stumped on a question, they can ‘shout out’ for help, by asking the world on social media (a ‘Social Media Shout-Out’), by calling someone on a mobile phone (a ‘Mobile Shout-Out’), or by asking a random pedestrian out on the street for help (a ‘Street Shout-Out’).

There’s also the ‘Red Light Challenge’.  It’s the only point in the show with multiple answers. The passengers have 30 seconds to get all answers (e.g., name five of Paul Simon’s 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover). If the contestants get the answer correct, they win. If time expires, or they get the wrong answer, the contestants are not deducted a strike, but simply continue with the game.

And finally, it’s a unique and exciting new segment – ‘Cash Cab Karaoke’. If the contestants arrive at their destination having earned cash, they can opt to bet it all – double or nothing. To win, the contestants need to sing the correct answer to Adam’s question. If the contestants choose not to play, they can simply take the money and run. But, Adam will first ask the question and see if they would have been able to answer (sing) the answer. ‘Cash Cab Karaoke’ is the magic moment of CASH CAB MUSIC, and it happens at least once every episode.

CASH CAB MUSIC is produced by Castlewood Productions Inc. for Anthem Sports & Entertainment, for broadcast on its AXS TV and GameTV channels. International distribution and sales is by All3Media International.