About the Show

A 100% electric car – It’s a dream engineers have been fine-tuning for over a century. Early versions had promise; they’d be great for the environment, cheap to operate, but they were too heavy, too expensive, and just too slow.  In short, not quite ready to take over the road….. that is, until now.

It is a high stakes gamble that could make or break an automobile legend. Billions of dollars of investment into an upgraded lithium ion battery pack, exhaustive safety testing, and innovative design has resulted in a technological triumph.  But this is not only a story of a modern hi-tech wonder, it is a story of overcoming obstacles – tests that failed, executives pulling the investment plug, and a skeptical public.

 Sit back and buckle-up while we take you for a spin through the design, technology and production of the i-MiEV…  the most fuel-efficient car on the planet.