Andrew Burnstein

Founder and President

Andrew Burnstein has been the chief cook and bottle washer at Castlewood for all of it’s six years, guiding it to become one of the world’s most successful makers of factual content for television. Andrew sets direction and leads the creative team strategic direction of Castlewood as it moves forward

Andrew has to be one of TV’s hardest working producers, with a 20-year record of success creating, producing, and distributing internationally renowned factual TV programs across a broad spectrum of factual genres including news, science, nature, health, technical, sports, lifestyle and travel. From Shark Week to the National News, he has excelled in creating award winning programming seen by millions around the world.

Andrew’s diverse career in broadcast media and television production began in journalism in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada. (Yes, he’s still a Canucks fan. (Seriously?)

Prior to forming Castlewood in late 2007 at the local Second Cup he called an office, he was for 6 years running Exploration Production Inc., the production and distribution arm of Discovery Canada. Prior joining Discovery Channel Canada he produced programs for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Canwest Global, and The Sports Network. A Career highlight includes participation as a producer, director and writer for episodes of CBC Television’s most ambitious documentary project, Canada: A People’s History (2001). More recently, as Director of EPI, Andrew has been intricately involved in financing and production of at least a dozen International Treaty Co-Productions with producers and broadcasters in the UK, France, South Africa, Australia, and Germany.

It’s been a busy year at Castlewood for Andrew and the gang.  In fact it’s been the busiest in the company’s 6 year history.  Andrew is currently overseeing the production of 2 pilots for top Canadian broadcasters , and launching yet another season of Cash Cab Canada, along with the new series MANUFACTURED for Discovery Canada.

Even on the most hectic day, you can hear Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin or anything crooner-ish blasting from Andrew’s office.  His vice?  Well, he’s in a scotch club, but he’s also a fan of Christmas music year round.  It’s not unsual to hear him belt out “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” in the middle of June.