Karen Kerr

Post Production Supervisor

A master multi-tasker, Karen Kerr has been the Head of the Post Production Department at Castlewood Productions since 2008.  With her keen eye for visual detail and a great ear for audio sweetening, she has been able to successfully get 8 Seasons of Cash Cab Canada out the proverbial door and onto your TV screen.

Karen manages a growing editing team and strives to make sure that every project that comes to Castlewood leaves with her stamp of approval.  After being an editor for several years, and post coordinating at various Post and Production houses around Toronto she is accutely aware of what it takes to keep her team moving forward with success.

When Karen isn’t inside her headphones watching the latest episode master, you can find her playing in mud creating some whimsical wonders on the pottery wheel.  When her hands aren’t covered in clay, she can also be found whipping up culinary delights that would sufficiently suffonsify any hungry foodophile.